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Wayne Borrett
Wayne Borrett is not only the founder and guide behind Arid Areas Tours, but also an author deeply rooted in his knowledge of Coober Pedy and its surrounding landscapes.

Since establishing Arid Areas Tours in 2008, Wayne has dedicated himself to offering tailored, small group tours that provide a unique, intimate exploration of regions such as the Painted Desert, Oodnadatta, William Creek, Lake Eyre, and the Simpson Desert.

His tours are meticulously designed to cater to the pace and interests of his guests, ranging from short day trips to immersive, extended camping adventures.

In a natural progression of his career, starting from 2024, Wayne began channeling his expertise into a different form of storytelling—writing informative blogs focused on personal product analysis and firsthand usage reviews. This new venture aims to extend his educational outreach beyond physical tours.

Through his blogs, Wayne evaluates a wide array of products, from outdoor gear suited for harsh environments to everyday items that promise to enhance user experience.

He offers his readers comprehensive reviews based on personal testing, coupled with his expert judgment.
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